WAFishAman.com Classic 2012 19 May

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If people are wanting basic dorm style accommodation no booking is required, just rock up. Cost will be $25 per person per night(need to bring sleeping bag/linen and pillow)
If you are wanting one of the self contained units these will be at a first come first served basis. You will need to ring and book 08 9652 1010 to secure these rooms.

Date 19 May 2012
Leave From the Apex Club Jurien Bay
Time 6:30 am ,
Weigh in 4:00 - 4:30pm AT Apex Club TBA
•15 Bashford Street Jurien Bay. Western Australia 6516

 Click Here For Map
$ 15 per Angler Payable before fishing.

Proudly Sponsored By
The Marine Doctor
Ant's Concrete
Anonymous Site Member
ALL PUMPS concrete pumping
Greg's Glass Rockingham 
Smeck Concrete Pumping 
Boatlight Fishing
Ians.net.au  (Flying Fisherman)
Whitey's Tackle
Tackle World Mandurah and Miami
The Fishing Shop
Boats (Skipper)

1) Off Duty (Dhugle) Decella, Harts & Bunghole
2) Narcosis & crew 
3) GPS and Crew
4) Neanderthal and Crew
5) Eziliving and crew 
6) SPESS and crew 
7) Timo, andre and dobby
8 ) Quixotic and Alkimos 
9) Mud and Peckerhead
10) Fawcett_77 and crew
11) Titan and Crew
12) Titan's mate and crew
13) Popsfishn and crew
14) PR166 & Fraser Dave & Red
15) Manxsteve & crew
16) Dowders and crew
17) Johnny T and Chezza
18) Overide and Crew
19) Willo and Crew
20) Rolly and Brendan
21) DoubleJ and Crew
22) Jock64 and crew
23) Dhuefish Dave and Dan (the brothers grim)
24) Dalmatinac, 2up, damo

Prizes For

Top Angler
Top Boat
Prizes for heaviest
 Baldchin Groper     
Breaksea Cod         
Spanish Mackeral   
Ruby Snapper                   
Pink Snapper        
Junior Angler Prize for largest herring
  Any Prize not won due to no fish being weighed will be put towards 2nd place in other categories

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14th or 19th

2 differant dates

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14/5/11. that looks like last

14/5/11. that looks like last years.

Call sign BZ 785

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off duty

off duty Decella, Harts & Bunghole

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Smash some Dhus

Just hope the weather holds up should be good for a dhu challange

Just Dhu It

19th May

Is the Saturday ... Can we arrive on the Friday 18th in the arvo and setup camp?  Also what 3 Lions said !! 14th or 19th May ...... HUH ?? One day comp on the Saturday or is the Sunday reserved for hangover duties??
Overides pearl shop is called Pearle'scent and the prize will be a pearl pendant (with authenticity certificate) to the value of $1000. *GOSH* I hope I win something !!

Waypoint 53

dhugle's picture

well done

overide, what species are you allocating the prize to

The drinking competition !!

Dhufish is where the money will be at. Biggest Stripey eye wink ....... also the drinking competition !!

Waypoint 53

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ants concrete will sponser too

10 concrete occy pots or pvc winners choice for the biggest sandyyes

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Narcosis & crew will be

Narcosis & crew will be there.

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GPS and crew. Weather

GPS and crew.
Weather dependant


i wont be

but what no biggest spanish macky in the mix. But i wont be able to make it as the Mrs is working and i have the kids

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Dont know but I reckon thats getting bit far North for them.  Change it for Ruby Snapper

No Orange Hats Allowed
Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk.

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Put me in and crew. Yell if

Put me in and crew.
Yell if you want a hand organising stuff. Dont mint to cook again on the night.

eziliving's picture

eziliving and crew will be

eziliving and crew will be there

SPESS's picture

SPESS and crew will be there.

SPESS and crew will be there.

tommyqueenfish's picture

hmm, worth going, i dont

hmm, worth going, i dont reckon i have a chance....spearguns allowed??

dhugle's picture

timo and crew

timo, andre and dobby

diji's picture

Will drive the Bus just remind me to pick ya up

Sorry i forgot gotta pick the kids up!lol

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Funny Crunt!

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

Quixotic and Alkimos are in

Quixotic and Alkimos are in

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hey linds im guessing you dont want

me to sponser with occy pots. what was i thinking no fisherman will have any use for occy potssurprise  just trying to contribute enlightened

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Sorry Mate

I honestly thought you were taking the piss.

out there's picture

most times i am lol all good


Bring the occy pots

Every bit counts in my book !

Waypoint 53

wotsw with the smiley face

wotsw with the smiley face next to me and alki, i know we are cool cats and everything....../.

mud's picture

I will be there

With peckerhead, work permitting, seeing I now do my own roster, should be fine. Will work on the boss for some goodies

snappermiles's picture


i will have to pass it up have my cert three emergency medical responder course that weekend! hope everyone has a great day!

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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should put big shark on the list

just take a photo with glove or lure to see who gets the biggest  then let it go if you wish wink

dowders's picture

Let it go to the taxidermist

Let it go to the taxidermist Wink A stuffed great white would looked great above the bar

fawcett_77's picture


fawcett_77 and crew

popsfishn's picture

Count me in Popsfishn and

Count me in
Popsfishn and crew

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PR166 & Fraser    Dave & Red

PR166 & Fraser    Dave & Red were in ,  fingers crossed for the weather !!!

  Dave, call sign - Peel 166

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manxsteve & crew

hopefully weather is with us, good piss up& catch up anyway.

Manx Tales

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Hey Guys, Girls

Hit up your boss's and see if you can help get some sponsorship going.

Stinga's picture

Had a go

with the new company but add $$ all tied up in other ways so cant help this year linds. Still unsure if attending or not will depend on work closer to the date. 

dowders's picture

Dowders and crew, hopefully

Dowders and crew, hopefully weather will be better than last year

Sorry lins I'm out but red

Sorry lins I'm out but red fillets better than Dhu...


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WAG's and Kids

Is anyone bringing wifes, girlfriends, kids ??
Mine are coming, I was just wondering for numbers

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Fishin comp

Hey Lindsay goin to Gnaraloo that week but still good to toss the same amount as last year 
under Smeck concrete pumping  send me bank details and i will tip it in 
Cheers Macka

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Good on Sonny from Marine

  • Good on Sonny from Marine Doctor for his sponsorship once again.
  • Very helpful whilst he was on holidays Easter Friday taking my call why he too was down camping and was more than willing to nut out an issue I had over the phone. Several calls later issue was found.Great service Cheers mate.

chezza's picture

Count us in Johnny T and

Count us in
Johnny T and Chezza in The Dog House

*Ahem* seeing how I am a sponsor

Overide the boat and car will be there along with his crewies. (Just gotta remember to bring the prize!) wink

Waypoint 53

peckerhead's picture

just had a look on google sat map

and it looks about 500-600 m walk to pub from the apex camp ,i sure hope mud is up to carrying me home frid night or there wont be any fish at all caught on our boat sat


Willo's picture

Hey Lindesay, put us in. We

Hey Lindesay, put us in. We will be heading up on the 16th to scope the area. Will check distance to pub 4 u as well peckerhead.
p.s Lindesay could you bring some WAFISHAMAN stickers ? in red or black if you have them.

Call sign BZ 785

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Will Do

A Few more sponsors adding there names and goods to the comp today.
Thanks Guys

SPESS's picture

hey linds, crispys wife and

hey linds, crispys wife and kid will be coming along.

GPS's picture

Hey linds , doubtfull to make

Hey linds , doubtfull to make the comp, going on a quick run to Exmouth leaving next friday. will be coming home on the 19th, if we leave exxy early we will stop on the way home for the comp.
Cheers Paul


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No Probs Paul

Hope you can make it.

doublej's picture

Doublej and crew

We are in.
Tried numorous times to get through to the Apex camp but no joy.
So we have booked at the caravan park across the road.
All good and lets hope the weather holds up.
See ya's up there.

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Laughing out loud

Colt Striker's picture

Checking willy weather daily.

Checking willy weather daily. Boat is fueled already, bait is in the freezer, fly home Thursday night hanging to get there & try out the new Talica combo too. Leaving around lunch time so should rock up around 15:30 Friday arvo.

See you there

Should arrive at the same time or thereabouts. Weather will be a 2.1m swell and about 9 to 13 knots SE and 23 degrees. Off to Jurassic Park to fish the face in 53 metres depending on current.

Waypoint 53


To say im Jealous is an understatment

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Food for comp

We have decided that it will be easiest for everyone to bring what ever they want to chuck on the BBQ
for comp night.


Surely there will be some fillets to throw on the BBQ?? I will bring some dead cow just in case !!

Waypoint 53

2 up's picture

lucky u brang some dead cow

lucky u brang some dead cowsurprise


Could not catch a cup full of cold water. Hooked meself, the boat, you, your rigs, a craypot and just about everything else except a fish !!!! angry

Waypoint 53

Colt Striker's picture

Get Kev to go see HIS Ladies

Get Kev to go see HIS Ladies at the pizza shop for some crushed garlic. LOL


 Just joined  - hear you guys have great times at comp - will be there on the 19th

fawcett_77's picture

sorry boys i have to pull me

sorry boys i have to pull me and the crew out of the comp somethings come up and cant get out of it... spewin was really lookin forward to it.. good luck cant wait to c the fotos!

out there's picture

you should get dhugle to get you a can too tomo

and come to the compenlightenedcheeky

popsfishn's picture

Tomo theres a spot on a

Tomo theres a spot on a eagles boat if  your game.Leaving 1pm friday

Decella's picture

A Word of Warning!

Jurien is a small town and I'm sure the local peace keepers know about the comp, be very careful tipping a few in as you get close to town as these boys are red hot on it.

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

eziliving's picture

they had a booze bus set up

they had a booze bus set up last friday night about 20kays south of cevanties

SPESS's picture

sorry boys at this stage

sorry boys at this stage unless something really goes my way IM OUT! Boat trailer is not going to be ready in time and i have to load a big job up work wise. have fun and im still going to try and make the way in. Cheers SPESS.

out there's picture

whats wrong with ya trailer spess


Out There could do the

Out There could do the welding for you Spess, but i think for your he wouldnt just be in thongs but more just a Borat thong

out there's picture

bit early for fantasizing mike

ya sicko cheekylol

SPESS's picture

Just noticed the skids have

Just noticed the skids have broken, ive got the parts to do and weld it up is no dramas i just gotta find the time. ive going to try and get it done. wheel bearings as well dammit.

Admin's picture

Hey Spess

If your comming we will not let you go anyware near the BBQ
Laughing out loud
ps: Hope its healing ok.

out there's picture

couple of bits of wood and some

fancy rope work its only up the road mate shell be right

popsfishn's picture

J. tomo  Right for bait,but

J. tomo 
Right for bait,but thanks for the offer.
Was there football on the weekend must have missed it

dhuefish's picture

Dhuefish Dave and Dan (the brothers grim)

are in for the comp, will retest some areas from two weeks agodevil, hope they bite the same, weathers lookin good

Pussy, the other pink meat.

Decella's picture

Midnight Runner

Hey Fella's, I will be leaving Perth on Friday around 10- 11pm, I will be carrying some tools and I will throw my wheel bearing kit in as well, this will get you out of the shit if you have holden bearings, just leave a full case of beer on the side of the road I should see it and the boat and will stop. No case, no stop. I will also have a plug kit for punctures.

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

dhugle's picture


The goodies mate

Decella's picture

Alcohol and points?

Is this what you mean or are you talking about Harts' Fijian Dildo's?

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

Harts's picture

Now listen here my little

Now listen here my little shiney dancer the only dildo that i will see is the big black one fishing next to me on dhugles  boatsmiley

Decella's picture


Yes took you awhile hope you can work your magic on Saturday!

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

orangeroughy's picture

Just keep the Gin away from

Just keep the Gin away from the Eziliving crew could get a bit wobbly hey Ash?
At least you dont need mats a t Jurien!! Go hard boys!!

eziliving's picture

funny fucker!

funny fucker!

bahahahahahahaha, gold. Bet

bahahahahahahaha, gold. Bet Ash sleeps all day Sunday and makes Red/Ants chauffer him home in the salty 200series.


out there's picture

he wants to watch out

we dont end up in exmouth wink

eziliving's picture

exmouth is fine . im going to

exmouth is fine . im going to be working in onslow soon.

eziliving's picture

ado you might want to send

ado you might want to send your deckie on a 4wd refresher course to teach him how to put your car in low range. im still suprised that you still have a clutch left after his attempt of dragging your boat out.  and yes that is the plan for the way home.

PR 166's picture

My decky has just pulled out,

My decky has just pulled out, so looking for a decky or if some one wants a decky, PM me    or it will be solo with no fear !!!    available  Friday.

  Dave, call sign - Peel 166

Willo's picture

Leaving in the morning seee

Leaving in the morning seee yaah there!!

Call sign BZ 785

Simo's picture

Good luck to all you boy

Good luck to all you boy heading out for the comp

saulty's picture

yes best of luck boys

wish i could join in , final stages of building , mad rush packing gota move out of this one next week ,  other may not be quiet ready , for a sobering thought would suggest anybody thinking of building a one off , contact me first


Late entry:
Dalmatinac, 2up, damo

orangeroughy's picture

Victim of practical gear

Victim of practical gear shift joke I beleive ash (thats my story) go the 200 saulty series!!