Todays Combo

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tasty little package from an avo session today with my son & his m8. Released a couple small dhus & big queenie that i thought was a nice Dhu on the way up. Cheers to MattyD for calling us out a bit further to explore a bit of his ground.

Todays Combo


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nice assortment

well done on the smorgasboard

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Great bag Stinga   top

Great bag Stinga   top quality and perseverence pays off sumtimes   those flatties r awsum on the chew specially wen theyre caught in clean offshore water

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not the photo i wanted to receive half way through my swing!! but great bag! thats a hooter flatty

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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nice mix bag Chris, tasty

nice mix bag Chris, tasty feed that is.

  Dave, call sign - Peel 166

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Well done Chris, nice mix

Well done Chris, nice mix

even sweeter off someone

even sweeter off someone else's ground....caught on someone else's okki u rapist....pmsl lol Wink