Rod & Reel Combo

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If let's say you had $1500 - $2000 to spend on an outfit.
Rod / Reel / Line
What would you get.
Electric, Overhead, eggbeater or whatever.

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Quick Question

What are yoiu fishing for ?
If over 150m then electric
if less then
Talica 12 and a fin nor jig stick, diawa boat braid and you will have allmost enough for a backup one as well

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45mtr - 60mtr

But want to go deeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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id get a combo like ive got

ebay reel $99 pen ultimate series rod $50 then put the rest away for a rainy day yes

Lay the best/dearest rod and

Lay the best/dearest rod and reel combo on the beach with the best/dearest line and bait in the water, fish bites and see what happens without an angler touching it.
In the end a good angler with basic gear will outperform any blinged up, cashed up bogan slow learner!
So a JW rod and a seaboy 185 combo for me $75 max.  

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Yeah OK

But if you want something that you can still use after pulling in a couple of good size Dhuie's
and the odd 7ft tiger shark then buy something quality.
just like cars with fishing gear if you buy a good product then it won't let you down when that 1 in a lifetime fish comes along.
Yes you can do it with a JW Kmart combo but you will need to buy a new one when a sambo takes you for a spin.
PS: I am about as far from a bogan as you will get
I hate ACDC with a passion and I don't drive a Holden or Ford

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so you just saying linds

your a slow learner?? lol you denied being a bogan and we no your not that cashed up!

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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id have to agree with the talica

i want to upgrade my tyronos to a talica and then a nice asuza rod to match, boat braid too! if electric a diawa seaborg and a diawa rod to suit

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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Not saying I've $2K

But am looking for a good combo.
I think I'm leaning towards the Daiwa Tanacom Bull.
Only because one day (Hopefully for the next couple of years) I'm going to try out deep.
But mainly fish in the 60's.

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tanacom bull

if your only fishing the sixties the tanacom bull is a pain in the ass! its too big and bulky to be holding all day for fishing the shallows!

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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Dont get sucked in by the

Dont get sucked in by the bling Jas as will not catch you more.
Keep it simple like saltist and saragosa rather than saltiga and stella. As for the rods I do not think you will get better value for money than the fin-nor.
I bought the so called best and have been sending the shit back ever since,,,,,,Bank the coin and buy a step down..

stella sw just got mine

stella sw just got mine serviced after 2 years and like new again .no trouble. love it

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pen spinfisher combo

950 ssm reel (eggbeater) with a 750 rod, 500mt 30lb fins plus whatever nylon to fill spool - under 300 bucks
shimano tekota 800 on a wilson live fibre 15kg rod - same line as above for about double above
or the good old alvey deep spool - bullet proof reel that is very forgiving


$10 retail special Berkley

$10 retail special Berkley Cherrywood 8kg max rating rod and a sub $100 Penn 260 SS with Big W 20Lbs mono trolling a 150 Scorpion Halco caught a 32KG Cobia after a good tussle.
before and after that a great many Queen fish, mackerel and trevs.
150 Scorpion Halco is a little bit battered and second hand but still in my lurebox!
No need to bling up/spend big, unless yours a a wee one on top and down below!
tight lines and budgets! 

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Tackle World Mandurah

Stella 18000 = $989
Saragosa 18000F = $370
Tiagra = $699
Talica 50II = $1100
Talica II $699
TLD 50 = $400
Shimano Dendoumaru Electric = $999
Twin Master Electric = $1200 + Rod + Braid = $2000
Still unsure.
For the price of an electric you can get 2 or 3 ripper combo's.
The owner was pushing me towards a Talica sitting on a Venom rod($400) he reckons it will fish and catch anything up to 200mtrs. Ends up being about a $1000 fully spooled.
Thoughts anyone.

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400 for a rod??

personally thats a bit overkill! and just a question you stated the talica II but why would you buy the two speed?? they are alot more expensive and i cant remember one time i have dropped to the second gear on the 2 speed reels i have got! i would never buy a 2 speed new! jmo

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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Yep Agree

Go the single speed and match it with a fin nor
save the left over and buy a electric when you start hitting the 150+

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go a saragosa and a t-curve

go a saragosa and a t-curve with braid should be about $650. great combo that will last for years. Give Whitey's Tackle (site sponsor) in Australind a call and tell him your from wafishaman. He'll give you a good deal and can post to you.


Saltist Spindrift reel

6.4.1 drive and a Shimano Backbone 15kg rod with 80lb braid. Total cost $500.00 Have caught tonnage on this combo and still my preferred rig.
P.S. Dont fish more than 53 metres as a rule !!

Waypoint 53

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AS Lindsay said, go the Talica with an 80lb Fin Nor rod. I have the same combo- bloody awesome.


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Talica all the way. Got the

Talica all the way. Got the talica 8 ,picked it up online for $380 delivered,fuck paying over $600 local. for a small reel puts out some drag. matched it to a demon blood 3/5. awsome combo.


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I have a Talica and feel it

I have a Talica and feel it is a bit fast but it is nice and smooth and still made in Japan not like the saltiga gear.

trinidads and fin nor love em

trinidads and fin nor love em both,

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I would not go the talica. It

I would not go the talica. It won't last they are having quite a few come back into tackle stores due to salt water getting in them. Go the saltist 30 with 50lb boat braid and matched to a nice pe3 to 5 jig rod that way it's tippy enough to strike the dhus but also got the balls down low to turn it's head. Daiwa have an extensive range try the slatiga 60b great rod I love mine however, I now use custom rods made in Japan because of the reason I can't find nothing local I really like, once you have one you will be in heaven. My tenryu jigzam only cost $250 as well with all the best conponentry. Can't beat that for price. I buy the best but I expect the best to last an all of my saltiga and Stella reels have never let me down but regular maintenance is the key, you regularly wash and service you outboard do the same to your reels and rods and they will last. I wash and clean mine every trip out and do a minor service (lube up etc) every second. Never dramas for me.

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That because you wank with

That because you wank with them not fish.
Try dropping a bait every now and then Jandamurra instead of setting yourself on fire and you may wear one

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matt somethings you say really burnwink

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Lol they get used enough. I'm

Lol they get used enough. I'm that black now you better watch your car you white dog. Hehhehe

Classic burn's

Classic burn's all about the timing!!!!!
Bepanthan on the guides Spess??? love it

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Grafts as grips boys.

Grafts as grips boys.

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Deal nearly done

Have verbally sorted a deal:
Have gone with 
Reel - Saragosa 18000
Rod - Venom 5'6" 80lb
for the boss and
Reel - Saltiga 50
Rod - Samaki 80lb
both spool with 60lb Shinobi braid
all for under the price of an electric.
Any thoughts before its too late.

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check out

the s extreme 600 saltiga pisses all over the saltiga 50

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Went to have a look.
Apparently they stopped manufacturing / stocking these 3 years ago.

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That's a pity

Bloody great reel, try the sealines I am pretty sure they have the same running gear

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Get the power handle of the

Get the power handle of the Saltiga Z40 they kick arse.

why do u need 80pound rods ?

why do u need 80pound rods ?

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said, Saltist O/h, smooth, reliable then what ever goes for the rod!

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Ok, some people think I am

Ok, some people think I am bent and twisted with how much I spend on rods an reels, fish with saltiga 50 with the saltiga rod. Fishing is the reason I work, get the best you can afford and look after it. get the cheap crap and run the risk of losing the big once in a life time " Ant Fish ". lots of great gear on the market, but you do get what ya pay for. just my 2 cents worth

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I have had that many issues

I have had that many issues with the salti 50 over the years but do love the smoothness of the reel, also have the 40 and that too has given me some grief.

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yeah but they aint designed

yeah but they aint designed to be used as winches................cranking up heavy lead fucks em. Thats how i fucked my 50 as well matty.

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O.k but they said that about

O.k but they said that about my expedition too so what the fuck are we supposed to use?

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alveys lol fucked if i know

alveys lol fucked if i know

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The fucking TLD's never broke

The fucking TLD's never broke down

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fully agree

fully agree OB......................

stella haha ,aye dropped past

stella haha ,aye dropped past complete angler rockingham yesterday hey they got every reel u could ever want ,go have a wank over them and see wich one u like

shud have swung by for a beer

shud have swung by for a beer kaneo u fukken bungole snob. lol


hey wrasse got courses

hey wrasse got courses thursday friday be in the area

Went fishing again for salmon

Went fishing again for salmon all over the south west and caught some heavy bastards on my cheap gear soaking mullies.
Never had any losses because of the gear, just lost line and fish because of the posy wankers with the bling gear chucking lures all over the place on ANZAC day.
Luckily the pissed off back to their boring asslicking slave jobs, so I could fish in peace and leave my sunnies off, not being blinded by all the reel and rod bling and the earplugs for all the cakkle how good and expensive it all is.
Maybe some should get a ROLEX Oister Perpetial Date Submariner Superlative Chronometer watch for tide keeping, as they are the best.
Happy saving for a solid gold edition and get a Porsche Fourby as well to get to your spot!

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Thanks for the input

Richard Cranium