Rocket launcher

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Finally after afew months l found the time to make up a rocket launcher for the boat. Was going to use polished stainless but thought it would look out of place on a trailcraft and there a bitch to maintain so stuck with ali.
So $70 worth of ali , Use of the equipment at work, A few lunch times to tack it up and 2 hours after work to weld up fully l had a finished product.
Just got to get the plastic inserts for the rod holders and where done.
Thanks goes out to Trevor from Nautech Marine for welding it up using the tig, which gave it a good look. Mite powder coat it down the track.
Cheers Paul

Rocket launcher


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Good job done

Also handy extra grab point when boarding or helping to not fall overboard in rough conditions.

about frikken

about frikken Wink
Looks the goods Paul! Perfection takes time after-all.