Remedies for a gurnard spikes

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Anyone that has been fortunate enough to be spiked by a gurnard knows that they bloody hurt. I was lucky enough yesterday to find out they give you more than a tickle. I know hot water is meant to work, but no hot water on board and the tell tale was luke warm, apparently with flathead spikes you rub the belly of the flathead and this provides relief, can it work with a gurnard? What else can reduce the pain

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Piss on it

Piss on it


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i could'nt

and i wasnt in that much pain to let the decky piss on it

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Told you I should have pissed

Told you I should have pissed on it

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But wouldnt have thought it a prob with another docker supporter on board to suck the pain away lol.

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Stinga this deckie only sucks

Stinga this deckie only sucks beers and catches fish maybe you and your crew should try it you may catch a few

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I got done years ago Dave and

I got done years ago Dave and it didn't flog me like a bee sting or cobbler so Maybe I was lucky?
The piss is supposed to work.

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I have heard Cobbler and

I have heard Cobbler and catfish are the same, use the slime of the belly.
Raw honey is good beo bee stings.
Would of been worth a try

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go to bunnings

get some harden up spray lol cheeky

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even that didnt work mate, took it back today and got full refund

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Gees where did you spike

Gees where did you spike yourself Dave if you couldn't piss on it yourself frown

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Shit loads of alcohol

Seen the old boy get done a few years back he squeezed as much blood out of the wound as possible then skulled six beers one after the other.

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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Hot Water

and DON'T apply pressure to it.

Agree Linds - immersing the

Agree Linds - immersing the affected area in the hottest water bearable which will help neutralise the venom.  

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.  ~Doug Larson

I got done some years back

I got done some years back ,nothing helped pissed on it, hot water I tried everything.did start easing of eight hours later on the way in.The next day ended up at the hospital. Hand swollen up and metallic taste in mouth.I just cut the hook of now ,not a nice experience.

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i carry some instant hot packs on board

 got them from red dot for $2 each .as i had the same prob a couple of years ago and this year when a stingray just got me on the knuckle i used them on that as well and it seemed to help , just make sure you check them every now or then as it does not take muck to set them off


Their venom , likel cobbler

Their venom , like cobbler is protein based . The only remedy aside from opiate based pain killers is heat which destroys the protien , but it will only work if it is nearly hot enough to scald you . All pissing on your hand will do is make it smell .
The bunnings idea works to .

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Lindsay and angerfish are right. The golden rule is hot water for ocean going nasties and iced water for land based poofta's. I got done buy a cobbler and the only good thing that came from pissing on it was my mates having a good laugh as they were pissing on the bottom of my foot, up my leg and onto my back, Crunts. If your that worried about it Dave, throw the port out of your thermos (your missus knows by now that your a piss head) and use it for what it was designed for.
Either that or get that useless deckie of yours to play with all the pointy ended fuggers. If he gets stung the whinging couldn't get any worse than it already is.

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

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You got stung on the face

The boys caught you smashing a cobbler into your face and mouth just so you could get the boys to piss all over your head as it was the only way you could get close to some

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I saw your god given name on the post and expected nothing less! FUUUUUCK I've got nothing..............................................................................angry. Hey when you go home grab some milk I used the last on my weeties.

If you love it set it free, if it comes back fillet it.

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I heard you like MAN MILK.

I heard you like MAN MILK.surprise

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Keep a small gas cooker on

Keep a small gas cooker on the boat, kettle and some water... better still dont bring the pricks on the boat.
And give up the mango beer

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Used petrol before put on rag

Used petrol before put on rag and applied but for southern hillbillies the bottle you sniff from would work fine laughblush

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also got stung sometime back

radioed in ,sea rescue said same piss on it didnt work , warm water etc. started feeling faint , more for the fact that didnt know the effects , they asked if i wanted an ambulance said no
end result 7 hours of pain another 5 of numness & after that was good ,now that i know the effects would endure the pain and keep fishing but better to be warry & dont go near them at all

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You were angling for a golden

You were angling for a golden shower off one of the sea rescue guys Franklaugh...Must be in the name ...

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Tea spoon of cement and

Tea spoon of cement and harden the fuck up?????   cheers BOB