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Heh fellas
Due to our July trip being cancelled today to Thevenard, we are probably heading to Gnarloo. Just wondering what the launching is like. I know it is a beach launch - we will have 2 Ali boats largest being 7m do you need to come in on the higher tide or doesn't it matter. Are there any options up there if weather is bad, other than sinking tubes all day.

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Beach Launch

Look for the hardest part (usually were the mats are)
If the weather is bad sit back and drink
We took a 24ft and a 26ft Glass boats and launching was fine
Just take a snatch strap in case.

Piece of piss

Just remember to drop your tyres to 18lbs, including your trailer.
Launching easy and try to drive on to retrive if you can.
Make sure your mooring is tough and heavy and check that your bowsprit is well reinforced....when the wind arrives, it fkn belts through the bay and it would really suck if you had to pick up your boat at Coral Bay.
The trick is quick....quick off..quick on and you'll have no probs
Happy days!!!

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Low tide is best for launch

Low tide is best for launch and retrieve , and as said above quick on and quick off is the key!

Cheers Glenn.

Testy fillet table now floor

Testy fillet table now floor tiled Glenn...he must have read ur complaints.....pity its slippery as a salt pan now tho...oh well


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Thanks for the advice lads. Will take some recovery gear just incase.


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Just got back tonight and low

Just got back tonight and low tide definitely the best for launch and retrieve. make sure you use the bog mats for retrieval as we thought we would be cocky and try with out them and in two seconds flat the exhaust was blowing bubbles!

Ados pissin Nissan recovery

Ados pissin Nissan recovery to ur rescue ash abso pmsl....also watch moorings and ginaye ash did a little number on himself slept all day good meaning to tern lay day for more Morton....abso pmsl....hellluva trip


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yep definately what you would

yep definately what you would call a lay day! also managed to sleep most of the drive from carnarvon to gero.

U redeem self with

U redeem self with muddies....well almost