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Just got back from a holiday in Thailand, and came so close to shagging a lady boy. Looked like a woman, spoke like a woman, walked like a woman and kissed like a woman. It was only when she was driving me back to her place and she reverse parked into a narrow parking space with no problem....I thought .............just a f*cking minute ...

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Right up your alley then

Right up your alley then Dennis ,your well versed at backing up, you found true love?


Cum grano salis

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you have got to go the grope straight up!! lol

all fishermen are liars except you and me! and im not so sure about you!!

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Croc dundee style

Croc dundee style


my thai girlfriend reckons

my thai girlfriend reckons that a small Penis shouldn't affect our sex life. she may be right but i'd still prefer it if she didn't have one ????

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would have ya nuts! LOL